Call For Posters

Accepted Posters

1): How do people control the "self" for motion? Investigation of the effects of pneumatic gel muscle intervention on motion self-control and ego depletion in emotional self-control

2): Exploring relationship between EMG, confusion and smoothness of work progress in assembly tasks

3): Put Our Mind Together: Iterative Exploration for Collaborative Mind Mapping

4): In-the-Wild Exploration of the Impact of the Lunar Cycle on Sleep in a University Cohort with Oura Rings

5): Personalizing Augmented Flashcards Towards Long-Term Vocabulary Learning

6): Lumbopelvic ratio based screening tool for Lumbar health assessment

7): Spatial feature optimization through a genetic algorithm in a sensory-association-based brain-machine interface

8): Owl-Vision: Augmentation of Visual Field by Virtual Amplification of Head Rotation

9): Augmenting Sleep Behavior with a Wearable: Can Self-Reflection Help?

10): Motor Enhancement through an Individually Optimized Imperceptible Vibration Stimulation

11): Creating viewpoint-dependent display on Edible Cookies

12): QA-FastPerson: Extending Video Platform Search Capabilities by Creating Summary Videos in Response to User Queries

13): Aged Eyes: Optically Simulating Presbyopia Using Tunable Lenses


We invite researchers and practitioners to submit their work to the Augmented Humans Poster Track. Posters provide the opportunity for researchers to get feedback on early-stage work. Posters will be presented in an in-person poster session where author(s) stand by their poster and speak with conference attendees.


Work that is suited for the poster track includes but is not limited to preliminary results, new interactions or experiences that have not been fully tested but show great potential, summaries of small-scale research. Please also refer to the suggested topics.

Presentation and Format

Posters will be presented in person during the conference’s poster session; at least one author will have to bring their poster when they travel to Melbourne (please contact the poster chairs if you foresee any troubles with traveling to Melbourne).

Authors will be assigned a time and location to present their poster to AHs 2024 attendees. The poster boards are 1.2m (W) x 1.8m (H), therefore the posters are preferred to be in A0-size and in portrait mode. This is not compulsory as long as the poster fits within the size of the board.

Posters should include the title, authors’ names and affiliations, and a concise overview of the research. Posters might also include QR codes to link to online materials (e.g., scenario videos, interactive prototypes). At least one author must be in attendance to present the poster.


Submissions should be up to 4 pages long in the single column submission format not including references (see Calls for Participation for the template). Submissions are anonymous. Please remove names and affiliations from the PDF, as well as supplementary materials.

Reviewing and Selection

Each poster submission will be reviewed in a double-blind process based on the relevance to the conference and the potential to provoke discussion.

Poster Chairs
  • University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
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